The Cause

The Challenge

Families with seriously ill or injured children are often faced with a challenge – how to balance the financial, emotional and physical challenges of caring for a child.  Whether relocating to be near a specialized hospital to get the best treatment available or dealing with the day-to-day rehabilitation needs of a child after receiving chemotherapy, proton radiation or transplant surgery, the stress can begin to pull a family apart. Sadly, many families simply can’t afford the additional expenses, reduced income and other outside stresses and the family unit begins to fall apart.

Our Solution
Steven’s Hope for Children helps families of seriously ill or injured children by providing assistance to lessen the burden of the families, and surround them with caring compassion and kindness. It is our belief that if a family is able to stay together during this time, the child’s recovery is better and the family as a unit can go stronger. Through our programs and the help of our volunteers and supporters, families are able to focus on their child’s recovery and be a family in their home or ours.

For more information, visit or visit us on YouTube at the Steven's Hope for Children's Channel.